This complete OEM style fog light kit is an ideal upgrade for cars do not have factory fog lights at an affordable cost.

The fog lights will improve visibility at night and during foggy conditions.

The standalone harness and switch allow you to control the fog lights independently whenever the vehicle is on. You can turn on your fog lights whenever either the low beam or high beam is on.

Product Highlights

  • Complete OEM style fog light kit
  • Improved visibility and safety
  • 100% Guarantee Direct Fit
  • Plug and Play
  • Easy to install without any modification
  • Backed by 12-month Australian warranty

What's in the box

  • 2 x Fog lights with pre-installed halogen bulbs
  • 2 x Fog light bezels*
  • 1 x Wiring kit (harness and switch)
  • 1 x Installation instructions
  • 1 x Wiring diagram

* Fog light covers, switch and wiring kit may vary in car models. Some cars require to use pre-installed original wiring and switch.

Xtrail t32 series 2 fog lights

By: on 31 March 2018
Product fits exactly like OEM would and contains all parts, bulbs, harness and screws. For the novice installer, make sure you remove the front bumper to get better access to install the fog lights and harness in the engine bay. Ground the negative to an unpainted metal surface and bolt and positive to the battery, feed the switch cable via the grommet to the drivers side and remove the trim around the steering wheel to get access to the switches, remove a blank using flat head screwdriver and install the switch. Lastly, there is a trigger wire part of the switch cable - I used a fuse tap to the 12v accessory fuse giving it 2x10 amp fuses and works well.

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